Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey folks. It's been a while. Those of you who know me, know that I'm a huge animal lover, and hate, HATE to see anything happen to them, especially dogs. So I'm asking for your help in that area, and fast!

Meet Lexus. She's a 2.5 year old red-nosed pitbull. She's spayed, all of her shots are current, is as gentle as can be, loves kids, and she needs a GOOD, LOVING home, ASAP!

She belongs to one of my oldest friends. Unfortunately my friend is going through a divorce right now, and because of that, she and her daughter are not able to take Lex with them to their new place. She HAD someone lined up to take her, but tonight, LITERALLY at the last minute, they decided they couldn't take her and backed out. So now we've got til tomorrow to find her a home! We've called the pound, shelters, rescues, etc, but apparently with the economy, people are bailing on their pets left and right, so NONE of them are taking any dogs right now. It's a pretty sad situation. She's not looking to make any money here or anything like that, just the assurance that Lexus will go to a good home where she is loved and treated like a part of the family.If any of you want her, or know anyone who does, PLEASE let me know ASAP! You can message me on here, or email me at kyleinreallife@gmail.com. PLEASE help if you can. I mean, "Tis the season", ya? Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone.